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Welcome, my Ethereal friends of varying alter-time travels and adventures.



To be determined...

We are currently travelling through the space-time continuum to a currently unknown destination.
Please stay tuned for further announcements!

Greetings, travelers!

Hello, I am Professor Whovianart, of which this domain is to help keep in touch and in communication with.

I am an alter-time travelling artist, craftsman and screen printer that currently is mostly found in the region of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Among the plethora of activities I do include but not exclusive to:

Before I forget...

For those that have met me in person,

When we next meet, more then likely you will remember me, but I may not remember you. Please, please do not hold it against me: I am Left handed, dyslexic with a short attention span, with a poor memory for names and faces 😉
(Turns out face blindness Is a thing.)

– Joseph “Whovianart” Cassidy

In need of my services?
Please reach out!

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Thanks for your patience!